What are some of the most important topics in both JEE Mains & Advanced?

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Jee mains try to cover all topics while advance has heavy weightage for following topics:- Physics:- Electrostatics and related topics, magnetism and related topics, modern physics and thermodynamics Mathematics:- Differentiation and related topics(+function,limits,continuity), integral calculus(definite+indefinite), vector-3D, matrices and determinant, basic (trigo, quadratic,binomial,ap-gp-hp) Chemistry:- s,p block, coordination, chemical bonding, atomic structure, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, ktg, ideal gases, equilibrium, isomerism, goc, salt analysis. … Read More

How should an average student study if he/she aspires to crack the IIT JEE with a good rank?

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A fact:  Not everybody who cracks IIT was considered intelligent but becomes intelligent all of a sudden after cracking IIT JEE. The parameters that we have of intelligence are mainly board percentages, classroom performance, comparison with students around you, the words came out of your friends mouth about you, from mouth of your peers and people around you. Even good … Read More

The perfect way to retain what you learn in school.

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Always remember that, the more you learn and retain in your childhood, the easier it will be for you to go ahead in your future. The major issue with the education system in our country is that students are forced to study for exams which are completely wrong, their sole motive for studying should be to learn not just for … Read More

How to track your JEE prepration?

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There are a few methods to check if you are on the right track to crack jee or not:- Self analysis:- Sit and think of topics you studied few months back, recall the whole topic from start to end, just list down the concepts which you learned in that topic and how well you know them, if you happen to … Read More

Where should I go for IIT-JEE coaching, my native or Kota?

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There are various parameters which decide which coaching institute to choose:- Your home location:- being near to home is always good as you can study in your familiar environment. Coaching institutes in Andhra (in this instance) and Kota both are good, as I know the teaching pattern is different, in Kota they conduct 4–5 hour classes and leave the rest … Read More

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi

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JNU is the most prestigious institution of the country situated in the capital city of New Delhi. The institution has been awarded with a highest grade awarded to any educational institution in the country. The institution is well known for its research emphasis on liberal arts and applied sciences. The institute has the most conductive environment for research and education. … Read More

IIT Kharagpur : Academics and Admissions|Placements|Life at IIT Kharagpur

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IIT KGP was established in the year 1951. It was the first Indian Institute of Technology to be established in the country and recognized as an institution of national importance. Admission to most undergraduate and postgraduate courses in IIT Kharagpur is through written entrance examinations. Admissions to M.S. and PhD programs are based on written tests followed by personal interviews. … Read More