What are some of the most important topics in both JEE Mains & Advanced?

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Jee mains try to cover all topics while advance has heavy weightage for following topics:-

Physics:- Electrostatics and related topics, magnetism and related topics, modern physics and thermodynamics

Mathematics:- Differentiation and related topics(+function,limits,continuity), integral calculus(definite+indefinite), vector-3D, matrices and determinant, basic (trigo, quadratic,binomial,ap-gp-hp)banner_sale_chemistry

Chemistry:- s,p block, coordination, chemical bonding, atomic structure, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, ktg, ideal gases, equilibrium, isomerism, goc, salt analysis.

There are other topic as well but their weightage varies. Like there were times when 50℅ paper of physics came from mechanics and there were times when organic questions were above 50℅, similarly conic was major few times in mathematics.

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