What is the best way to prepare for IIT-JEE?

This post will tell you the best way to prepare for IIT JEE. While preparing for IIT JEE the most important thing you need to do is self analyzing of where you stand with each passing day. This involves keeping a check of your preparation and marking yourself on your scales. You need to have an excellent study material which explains all concepts subject wise and at the same time you should have good question bank which covers questions covering all concepts for IIT JEE . The questions should be of both IIT JEE mains level and IIT JEE advance level. The best way to start is to list the complete syllabus of IIT JEE subject wise and by being in touch with the last years question bank because there are always some important questions which can reappear in the exam.

After analyzing all these things you should start your preparation. There are two important things about IIT-JEE preparation that I would like to share:

  1. Studying in a coaching institute-

    There is no doubt that coaching institutes put in their full effort to prepare the best material and notes. That’s because the professional teachers they their have an experience of over a number of years and the lecture series, question banks and other material prepared by them is of a high quality which really helps. They channelize the skills of students and carve out toppers among them. So those who think that they are just buying out good students and getting toppers, they are getting it all wrong.  A good coaching institute which is widely renowned can be a great option for you to prepare for IIT.

If you have taken an admission into a good coaching institute and you are able to follow up with the teachers and you can solve questions this means that your performance is pretty good. If you think your performance is improving day by day. Let’s say you are able to score 40-50% in regular tests then don’t be worried you can take the league. You just need to focus on retention and revision part. Work more on your numerical solving ability and retain all the concepts till the JEE exam. There are fair chances of you getting selected and getting a good rank.


For those who have started in a coaching institute and are unable to cope up with the kind of study there, in simple words are performing lower than expected. Then they need to work out on what’s wrong? It might be that you are missing out on concepts, you are unable to solve questions at a go, you are not getting what is being taught in class, or are forgetting the concepts. Don’t lose hope, as it would be better if you start your preparation on your own through self study. In this case you might waste your time in coaching classes. So the best option is to gear up and work hard on your own as it’s not always that institutes produce toppers, it’s the strength within you that does.

  1. Studying at home with regular schooling
    It is a myth that you cannot crack IIT JEE exam by preparing on your own at home. For self JEE preparation you should follow the following things:
  • Study material: Video Lecture/Theory explained in detail, question banks.
  • Test Series: One of important things to get to know your performance level.
  • Proper Mentorship: Take guidance from any of the senior you know or a teacher.

You can prepare really well by sitting at home also. The greatest benefit of studying from home is that you can follow your own pace which is very important. You should properly plan the timeline as per your test series and keep on completing chapter one by one. Do ensure that you give your 100 percent to each topic or concept. Learn chapter with proper structure and try to retain all the knowledge till your exams and don’t forget to keep on revising the topics.

After this all is done remain confident with your preparation. It is not necessary that you will end up being perfect in all the chapters. But becoming pro in only 15-20 chapters can make you get selected in IIT, you may not get a good rank but you will surely get selected. You have to give your exams very confidently and sensibly. You should first solve questions which you are comfortable with. And then you should give a try the rest of the questions which you are not confident at. Do solve the last year papers as they prove to be really helpful in acquainting you with the paper pattern.

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