Important topics for IIT-JEE

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If you have somehow landed on this post, you must be planning/preparing for IIT-JEE exam and you may/must have syllabus with you. A daunting task to clear IIT-JEE is what thought must be rising in your worried minds, whether to opt for or not? Well, it isn’t that difficult to accomplish provided you get the right guidance and prepare a … Read More

How should an average student study if he/she aspires to crack the IIT JEE with a good rank?

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A fact:  Not everybody who cracks IIT was considered intelligent but becomes intelligent all of a sudden after cracking IIT JEE. The parameters that we have of intelligence are mainly board percentages, classroom performance, comparison with students around you, the words came out of your friends mouth about you, from mouth of your peers and people around you. Even good … Read More

Where should I go for IIT-JEE coaching, my native or Kota?

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There are various parameters which decide which coaching institute to choose:- Your home location:- being near to home is always good as you can study in your familiar environment. Coaching institutes in Andhra (in this instance) and Kota both are good, as I know the teaching pattern is different, in Kota they conduct 4–5 hour classes and leave the rest … Read More

Can IIT be prepared in 3 months?

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Preparing for IIT in 3 months. This is something very unheard of but yeah have heard how people had cracked IIT in 4 to 5 months. You need to do following things: You can start with analyzing JEE’s past year papers and come up with the most important topics which assures their weightage in IIT JEE exam. Make a list of topics which you can … Read More