Important topics for IIT-JEE

If you have somehow landed on this post, you must be planning/preparing for IIT-JEE exam and you may/must have syllabus with you. A daunting task to clear IIT-JEE is what thought must be rising in your worried minds, whether to opt for or not? Well, it isn’t that difficult to accomplish provided you get the right guidance and prepare a well-laid plan to cover the vast syllabus. At Toppersnotes, you’ll get access to an exhaustive list of topics classified as per basic, important & remaining topics. Therefore, you’ll be able to allocate your precious time to the chapters effectively.

Kindly note that as per the advice from various toppers, we can confirm that there no such thing ‘don’t do this topic as this is of not much importance’. IIT-JEE is unpredictable so be ready for roller coaster rides as you come across different questions. There’s no well-set pattern and weightage provided for the different subjects. For e.g. if you get 10-15 marks allocation for gravitation a particular year, you may not find even a single question the next year. So going by the methodology as preparation for the worst, you have to cover all the subjects/chapters in the given time frame. But now there’s the catch, we can help you prioritise these chapters to sort out on a well-defined criteria used and approved by many toppers of IIT-JEE.

Important topics for Physics in JEE Main & Advanced

The physics portion for IITJEE has 20 chapters which have to be covered as per the required time available to you. We have provided you with a classification which you can refer for your ease.


 Important topics for Maths in JEE Main & Advanced

Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around is mathematics. Everything around is numbers – Shakuntala Devi. There’s only one solution for scoring in mathematics – practice. And there’s no limit to this.

These basic topics you ought to have a grasp on ‘very tightly’.



Important topics for Chemistry in JEE Main & Advanced

Classification for Chemistry by Toppernotes.


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