CBSE-XII Toppers Handwritten Notes- Physics

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CBSE Toppersnotes are carefully compiled from notes of various CBSE board toppers. These notes contain the proper explanation, tips, and tricks and marked important and scoring topics for board exams.

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CBSE-XII Toppers Handwritten Notes- Physics 1

CBSE-XII Toppers Handwritten Notes- Physics 2


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CBSE 12th board Toppers Notes have been compiled from notes received from various CBSE toppers which include both individual subject toppers and overall toppers. These are handwritten notes which include tips and tricks with the complete theory for boards done by toppers. Those who are looking for revising the boards or are planning to cover the boards’ syllabus quickly and score good marks in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Maths should buy these notes.

There are 6 books in complete study material for PCM CBSE 12th Board
2 book for physics
1 book for chemistry
3 books for Mathematics

Topics Covered:

Physics I:-  Electrostatics,Electrostatic potential and capacitance,Current electricity,Magnetic effect of electric current,Electromagnetic induction,Alternating current,Magnetism and matter.

Physics II:-Electromagnetic waves, Ray optics and optical instruments, Wave Optics, Semiconductors electronics, Photoelectric effect and dual nature of matter, Atom and nuclear physics, Communication Systems.