NEET/AIIMS Toppers Handwritten Notes-Complete Study Material

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“Written by Toppers, Taught by top faculties”- Toppersnotes brings to you the best of both. ToppersNotes are carefully compiled from notes of various toppers and faculties. It has 15 handwritten books in total which covers all important topics for NEET in detail with solved examples wherever required.

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Topper’s handwritten notes are a comprehensive package for the preparation of NEET, AIIMS and other medical entrance examinations, which are designed by Top rankers in NEET & AIIMS. These notes cover all the important topics which are required to crack the exam of NEET. You will find important marked information, short tricks to remember and concise theory to help you memorize easily. These notes are too the point and well researched.

NEET notes are properly indexed with all the topics mentioned in the index. You just need to visit the chapter and learn the concept, learn the way to solve questions and practice with a standard question bank.

There are 15 books in total in NEET Notes Study material.


Topics Covered:

Chemistry:7 books
Organic Chemistry:
Volume I:-Basics of organic chemistry, nomenclature of organic chemistry, isomerism, practical organic chemistry, general organic chemistry, tautomerism.
Volume II:-Reaction intermediates, Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Alkyl halides, Aryl halides, Alcohols.
Volume III:-Ethers, Carbonyl compounds, Carboxylic acids and its derivatives, Amines, Carbohydrates, Amino acids and proteins, Polymers.
Inorganic Chemistry:
Volume I:-Co-ordination compounds,periodic table & periodic properties,chemical bonding.
Volume II:-S-block, salt analysis, D and f block, P-block, Metallurgy.
Physical Chemistry:
Volume I:-Mole concept,chemical equilibrium,ionic equilibrium,redox,thermodynamics,states of matter.
Volume II:-Chemical kinetics,electrochemistry,surface chemistry,colloidal solution,solid-state.

Physics:5 Books
Volume I:-Basic maths, Vector, Units and dimension, Error in measurements, Kinematics, Newton laws of motion, Work, energy and power, Collision, Center of mass, Circular motion, Rotational dynamics.
Volume II:-Gravitation, Heat, and thermodynamics, Thermal radiation, Thermal expansion, SHM and oscillation, Wave theory, Doppler effect, Fluid dynamics, Elasticity, Surface tension.
Volume III:-Ray optics, Optical instruments, Wave optics, Polarization.
Volume IV:-Electrostatics,Current electricity,Magnetic field and its effect,Magnetism,Magnetic material,Electromagnetic induction.
Volume V:-Photoelectric effect, Matterwave, Radioactivity, Nuclear physics, Electronics, Capacitor, Inductance, Alternating current, Electrical device, Em waves, Communication system

Biology:3 books
Volume I:-Animal kingdom, Plant Physiology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Biomolecules.
Volume II:-Structural organization in plants, Diversity in plants, Biology, and human welfare.
Volume III:-Structural organization in animals, Disease, Reproduction, Animal husbandry, Human physiology.