IAS Hand Written Notes World History

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ToppersNotes handwritten book of  World History covers all the topics which are required in all civil services exams.

Why choose Toppersnote’s Important World History Events Notes?

  1. Collected from top coachings and written by top students.
  2. Covers General Studies syllabus in detail for both Pre & Mains.
  3. Written in clean and readable handwriting.
  4. Brings you onboard with mainstream civil services preparation so that you don’t miss anything.
  5. Saves cost as it delivers the knowledge of toppers and coachings at a small price.

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World History notes is one of the multiple topics under UPSC syllabus that needs thorough preparation for the Preliminary and Mains Examination. Important World History  Events is a topic where a lot of uncertainty is involved. The number of questions asked in exams differs every year. So, one should have a holistic strategy to prepare for this subject.


Here’s we have a solution for you to prepare for Art and Culture for your UPSC prelims and mains examinations:

We have rigorously thought over the matter and have realized that no one knows it better than those who have prepared and cracked it. The other set of people are coaching institutes. They have been working over the years to master the field of civil services exams.  We have come up with a product named Toppersnotes Important IAS World History notes, which is a perfect fusion of experience and hard work of both IAS Rankers and the coaching institutes. These notes are carefully compiled. Collected from various toppers and top coaching institutes and compiled by our team so the notes can be easily readable, it covers only important topics related to exams.

Important IAS World History Notes covers the following topics

Important World History Events.

  • Reforms of Nepoleon
  • American Civil war was a war between American unions.
  • Important questions related to exams
  • Vienna Congress
  • European order of 1815
  • European revolt
  • Nazism
  • Fascism
  • The foreign policy of Adolf Hitler
  • Spanish civil war 1936-1939 was between Republicans and Nationalists led by General Francisco Franco
  • All the details about and related facts about Cold War
  • The disintegration of USSR
  • Russian revolution

We are confident that you can surely clear any civil services exams with the help of these notes