How to prepare for IIT-JEE in just 6 months?

How to prepare for IIT in 6 months.

Hey! JEE Aspirants,

You have 6 months left for IIT JEE mains exam and about 8 months for the IIT JEE advance exam. To Prepare for IIT in 6 months you have around 20 chapters each in Mathematics and Physics and around 30 chapters in chemistry. This is the time you should be cleared with all your doubts. If they are still not clear then you need to do away with them right away.

Now there are a few things which I would like you to consider. IIT has become a two phase exam so you have to plan accordingly. If you are already good at numerical solving skills, then you are half way through but if you do not have good numerical solving skills then you need to work hard. The best way to enhance numerical solving skills is to practice as many questions you can and re-revise and write down all the formulae and theorems whenever you try to recall them and don’t remember. You can make a list of these and stick at a wall you pass by often.

If you have good numerical skills then you can target both IIT JEE Mains and Advance and if you are not that good at numerical solving, then I would suggest you to focus more on IIT JEE mains and boards as it will lead you to a good NIT easily.

Coming to the preparation part, the theory can be understood within a few days, but when it comes to IIT, you need to have numerical solving ability both from a chapter and mixed chapters. Always prepare on a level above the level of exam.

So you should start preparation in a following sequence:

  1. Get IIT papers from the past 10 – 15 years of both AIEEE and IIT JEE. Analyze them properly and list a tentative weightage of each chapter. Also see the toughness level, language framing, numerical or concept based questions. After you are done with this make a list of topics based on their importance.
  2. Take help of a senior or a teacher who has good experience in teaching or who has cleared IIT with good rank. This will help you learn from their experience and will not let you repeat the common mistakes a lot of students make. A proper guidance works wonders in the preparation.
  3. Now divide your six months in two phases. In the first one when you will go through all the chapters for the first time, second the revision time. I would suggest that keep first four months for the first part and the last two months for the revision.
  4. Apply for a good test series and you can follow the course covered by test series in your regular schedule. Also arrange complete study material, notes, video lectures, question banks, tests, NCERT and other important books. Remember that taking guidance from a number of books to prepare your notes is never a bad idea. Prepare your notes really well because in the last few months you should stick thoroughly by them.


More you can do:

  1. You need to arrange complete content for the preparation as you will find it frustrating if you have lesser content at your end while preparing. Apply for a good test series. You can also buy product from ToppersNotes (http://www.toppersnotes.com/shop/), one of the best product available in market for practice.
  2. Now start learning topics with proper practice, give weekly tests on your test series. (You can plan your prep according to test series) Analyze your performance regularly; work on your speed, efficiency and numerical solving ability.
  3. You performance graph should be positive (in case of low performance), if it is not positive then you should start working out harder and find out what problem you are facing, also discuss it with your mentor.
  4. Build confidence and improve your performance. There can be times when you feel low and less motivated. The best advice I have here for you is that keep focusing on the ultimate goal and the hopes you have attached with it. Have a positive mindset and turn a blind eye on all negative thoughts you encounter. Remember, the positive you are, the positive you shall attract.
  5. You should give your time more to highly relevant topics for IIT namely- thermodynamics, modern physics, electro stats and magnetic, mechanics, conic section, vector & 3D, calculus, gases, organic chemistry.
  6. Last but not the least, after you are done with your course, revision and retention is must. Enhance your absorbing ability and retain all that you have studied till your exam.


Prepare with all your heart and mind and keep going on topic by topic. Preparing IIT in 6 months needs planning and execution. Clear all the doubts as soon as they strike. To remain in touch with more such pieces of advice related to IIT-JEE preparation, follow our blog. Wish you all the best on your journey!!!

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