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Mechanical Toppersnotes contains 5 handwritten books with all the important topics for GATE & IES are covered in the package.

Why use Toppersnotes?

  1. Taught by top coachings and written by top students.
  2. Covers all important topics for GATE/IES in detail with solved examples wherever required.
  3. Written in clean and readable handwriting.
  4. Brings you onboard with mainstream GATE/IES preparation so that you don’t miss anything.
  5. Saves cost as it delivers the knowledge of toppers and coachings at a small price.

If you are doing self-study or have completed coaching then these are the must-have notes for your preparations.

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3 in stock

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GATE  & IES exam carries a lot of importance in the life of an average engineering graduate. GATE helps you get into IITs at the same time IES helps you get a highly-paying secure government job. Every engineer wants to secure their future by passing these exams. We have surveyed various engineers and listed the problems faced by them while preparing for these exams. To prepare a topic for IES & GATE, you need to learn the concepts and must know how to apply that concept to solve the problems. Toppersnotes are structured in classroom notes format where concepts taught by faculties of top coaching institutes are included followed by problems solved by top students. Thus. making it the perfect combination to learn the topic and prepare for the exam.

These notes can be very helpful to start your preparations and can work as a quick guide while doing the revision as well. Questions covered will give you an idea about the type of questions asked in GATe & IES.  Have a look at the topics covered in Mechanical Toppersnotes

Topics Covered:- (click on topic to see the samples)

I: – Fluid Mechanics, RAC, Refrigeration, Air conditioning,

II: – Heat & Mass Transfer, Machine, Mechanical Design, Fluid Machinery, Introduction & BFA Inventory,

III: – I.C. Engine, SOM/MOS/MOM/SM

IV: – Production Engineering(Material Science)

V: – Theory Of Machine, GAS Turbine, Engine & Thermodynamics.

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